I was thinking of a fancy acronym like “Miscellaneous Index of Items and Ingredients” or “Multipurpose Index of Insidious Ingredients”, until I realized that I have been thinking about it for a few days and I have not been able to move on. 

This domain has been around since 2006 and it started as a personal blog. Eventually it became a blog full of ads. I graduated from Uni and I got busy with work, and I have pretty much neglected this site for the past 6 years. 

One day, while taking a shower, I was comparing the ingredients of a Shampoo product and its Conditioner counterpart that I recently purchased accidentally. Some ingredients in the list got my interest so I looked it up. While there were several reviews and online store pages for it, I couldn’t find a list of ingredients anywhere. WHY?!

I sometimes look for ingredients list of various things like food, beauty and health products, etc. I don’t know why some companies can’t make it a point to publish their ingredients when they have a full site about a product. 

This site is mostly for my own use and reference, but I will take requests to put up ingredients of products as well should there be any. And if I end up keeping this up. 

After all, I have a thousand and three things in my mind.