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Goin’ Where The Wind Blows

11 March, 2013 (02:20) | Karaoke, Music, Random, Reflections | By: Mi

My 32gb Micro SD card (Sandisk Ultra Mobile thingie) died a few days ago. It just suddenly stopped working. I tried to put it in other devices to test if it’s just my Samsung Galaxy Note II that was acting funny but it read other SD cards just fine and my Sony Xperia Tipo and Smart Wireless Pro could not read that one. SAD :( I just bought it last November after I got the Note II.

Luckily 2 days before, I backed up all my pictures and deleted them from the card to free up some space. Unluckily, I did not back up my music and videos which I currently don’t have copies of, but at least I could still redownload those.

So because I don’t have music on my phone, I am streaming music from YouTube even more. But since I can’t browse on YouTube and play games at the same time, I’ve been listening on Google Music where I had uploaded some really old recordings.

I stumbled on this collaboration with a friend a few years back when I still recorded a lot of karaoke and covers.

Goin’ Where The Wind Blows

Right now I feel I could relate to this song strongly again. I sang this the first time a while ago (2006!) And I was also going through a rough time back thenĀ  … School and future related (laughs). It feels kind of trivial now, looking back at that time. I had flunked out of my major and had to shift courses. I had what I thought the love of my life but he’s gone. Some other things.

I rerecorded it again when I was between jobs after a few years and again wondered what I was doing with ky life.

Now I am again at the point where I am doubting my decisions, and trying to convince myself that I have no regrets. I’m sure I will be able to move on. I will look back fondly at this time and say to myself, “looking back at this time, it all feels kind of trivial now.”

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