Detox Retreat: Trip to Koh Phangan (Part 2)

Going to Koh Phangan from KL involved a flight, a trip to the port, and then a ferry ride. Luckily, they offer combined land transfer + ferry going to Koh Phangan and you can get the combo tickets right at the airport or online. I’m glad I did not book mine online. The airplane ride was delayed by 45 minutes and I would have missed the land transfer + ferry had I booked online. It was also more expensive.

Airfare – KUL > URT > KUL = 125.08 MYR (AirAsia)
Land transfer + Ferry = 500 THB each way (Raja Ferry)
“Independent Taxi*” from Thong Sala port to Resort = 100 THB ¬†each way (?)

* double riding on a motorcycle

The resort’s contact told me to take a taxi that would cost me 150 THB but I guess the motorbike was also fun. I guess that advice was under the impression that I would have a lot of things.

KUL to URT – 1.5 hours
URT to Koh Phangan – 5 hours (the bus doesn’t leave right away)
Thong Sala to Resort – 30 minutes.

Overall it wasn’t so bad. It’s just that AirAsia only has one flight in and out of Surat Thani per day so my choices were limited.

My flight from KL was at 12:00pm (GMT +8) and I arrived at the resort around 7:00pm (GMT +7).

Because of all these transfers, I kind of already did my pre-fasting. And I’m saying “kind of” because I bought water and light snacks (You should try Euro Cake) on the ferry (80 THB) and had Nasi Lemak (14 MYR) on the plane



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