Detox Retreat: The Pre-Detox Planning (Part 1)

For my birthday this year I had decided (very late) that I was going to go on a detox retreat. Thankfully, AirAsia and the gods were smiling upon me and I was able to book the flights dirt cheap and I found a program that was also very cheap.

This was all hastily planned and I had not really decided on this up until less than 2 weeks before my scheduled leaves. I had the leaves moved up by a day and added another day so I could finish this detox program with as little stress as possible (read: go back to work the same day as I return from vacation).

When I thought of going on a detox program, I immediately consulted my good friend Loraine, since she had previously completed a program (Read her post here). She went to a center in Cebu.

Now … I didn’t like the idea of going to the land of Zubuchon and not eat lechon. It’s just crazy. So I figured, why not go somewhere else? And the first country that came to mind was Thailand. I have been to Thailand last year but just in Hat Yai and I did my usual vacation. More on sleep and leisurely walking and resting. And in the case of Hat Yai, I had a massage everyday.

I know some people may find this a waste of time and money and experience (because I have been told). “Why spend money going to a nice place or a different country just to sleep? Go out and explore! Sayang naman. (What a waste.)”

It is not a waste to me. It just happens to not be my idea of vacation. I want to rest and recharge. I am around people all the time and the least I want during my holidays are to be with people. I’m not antisocial, just selectively social apparently (I just found out this term recently). I already spent a vacation with family. This time I want to spend it by myself. And I don’t want to go through a game of Amazing Race getting here and there for the experience. I want to take my time and not follow a strict schedule.

After I’ve finally decided on going on a detox program in Thailand, I immediately ran searches for “Thailand detox retreat” while I was at work. It seemed that my choices were Phuket and Koh Samui. These are islands? So I also checked Bali. They were all EXPENSIVE (around 5000 MYR, sometimes accommodation not included). I seriously considered going to Ananda Marga Cebu. Now, I was doing all these searches at work and some sites were blocked. A week later I was still undecided and was already panicking so I started researching at home where I should have been doing it in the first place. I found Ananda Resort in Koh Phangan (Full Moon Party island). This site was blocked at work so I didn’t bother checking it out. Although the name did catch my eye because of Loraine’s detox program place.

Also, I really didn’t consider Koh Phangan at all because of the Full Moon Party idea and it’s not as famous as Koh Samui (or so I thought). But my eyes popped out when I saw that their 7.5 day program was only 14000 THB and accommodation was only 1000 THB for 8 nights. ┬áLike WOAH that’s CHEAP! I immediately contacted them to clarify some things and the next day I sent in my payment for reservation. I was going to figure out how to get there later, but for something that’s 1/3 the published prices of the other places (from my not too-extensive research), I was set on it.


That’s how this detox program got decided.

Yeah, I ramble. This is my first blog post in months and I find that I can’t stop talking to myself.

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