Detox Retreat: Ananda Wellness Resort (Part 3)

Ananda Wellness Resort is not very big and not very fancy at all, considering the price of their programs and accommodation “promo” if you are a detox participant. While I was talking with the resort manager (?) the lights went out for a few minutes and she said it was going to be normal since this was Thailand, and an Island. So…. okay.

I arrived very late the day before my first day and I was given herbs to take before I sleep as starters. Which was really unfortunate because the trip left me hungry and that was all they were giving me… but I figured I’m going to not eat the rest of my stay anyway, so what the heck.

I signed up for the 7.5 day Detox Program. The daily schedule is generally like this but some parts vary like the massage and Colema but for the “meals” it is all at the same time.

7:30 AM – Shake (Psyllium Husk and Bentonite)
9:00 AM – Herbs and Electrolyte
9:15 AM – Massage (90 minutes)
10:30 AM – Shake
10:45 AM – Colonic Session
12:00 PM – Herbs and Fresh Carrot Juice
1:30 PM – Shake
2:30 PM – Herbal Sauna
3:00 PM – Herbs and CoconutWater
4:15 PM – Shake
4:30 PM – Yoga (Ananda)
6:00 PM – Broth (Potato and Celery broth with optional Lime and Cayenne Pepper)
7:15 PM – Shake
7:30 PM – Colonic Session (optional)
9:00 PM – Herbs and Electrolyte
Before Sleep: Flora Grow (Probiotics)

I call the schedules for Shakes and Herbs “Feeding Time” and it’s good to note that it happens almost every 90 minutes. Needless to say you are not really going to starve here. It was also advised to drink plenty of water in between “meals”

The herbs and probiotics are from a company called Arise & Shine. You will be provided some documentation about what you will be doing and what you will be taking (so you know what you are actually putting in your mouth, especially the herbs).

The colonic session or the Colema is very interesting. I wasn’t really sure if I’m doing it right, but it gets painful and awkward. I’ll see the next few days if I am having a good “production” as they will be providing a colander to put between the colema board and the toilet to see what has come out of your body.

You are free to do anything in-between feeding times. If you are going on a trip or tour around the city, you can also request for take-aways, like the shakes and the juices in bottles. You just have to remember to take them on time.

I took a walk by the beach to watch the sunset after my broth meal. The beach is not very exciting or even close to pretty, but it was not really dirty either. Just a lot of weeds and snails and clams. The sunset is nice though.

2015-05-18 18.25.57

I tried everything on my first day (including the yoga) and by the end of the day I felt so tired and weak. My energy was low and I was craving for a birthday cake and noodles. I am having a hard time sleeping because the bed is very hard. It is not just firm. It feels like the floor with some sheets placed over it.


Happy birthday to me!

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